Rules & Guidelines

To make very sure that you get the highest quality instruction, we will insist that our students adhere to the following rules of conduct while attending classes at our studios....

1. Absolutely NO food or gum is allowed in the studio.  Please finish all snacks in the lobby before coming into the dance space.  There will be no exceptions.

2. All drinks must have a lid.  Bottles with screw caps are preferred.

3. Please put your trash in a trash can*. It helps keep our studio clean and professional. **Diapers should be disposed of in trash cans OUTSIDE along the sidewalk, Please.

4. Be considerate of students taking classes and talk quietly in the lobby.

5. If you are late, please come in quietly and join us.  If you are more than 15 minutes late, you may observe class.

6. No street shoes should be worn in the dance/tumbling rooms. Only bare feet or approved dance shoes.

7. Cell phones must be OFF before coming into the studio. 

8. No masks are to be worn inside the building. If you are unhealthy, please do not enter the facility. We encourage students to wash their hands upon arrival at the studio.

9. Always treat your teacher and fellow classmates with respect.

We know that all our students will want to follow these rules to make our environment one of professionalism and courtesy.  Thank you in advance for your co-operation.

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