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It is the right of The Dance Company of Hertford to enforce an absentee policy to ensure that the best interests of all students is taken into consideration.  Planning and participation is necessary to ensure a successful recital at the end of each year.


During the months of November and December, any student missing more than 2 weeks of class in a given month without giving notice, (vacation, illness, etc.) will need to schedule a private lesson to catch up on missed class work.  Private sessions are 30 minutes in duration and cost $35.00 per session.  After January 1, any student missing two (2) consecutive classes must schedule a private session to catch up on missed work or he/she may be excused from performing in the recital. It simply is not fair to the students who participate every week to have a fellow student not perform well.

Good attendance is imperative. Multiple absences from students can hold back an entire class.


Dance classes are a discipline.  Please take this into consideration when signing your child up for classes.  Thank you for choosing The Dance Company of Hertford to train your child in dance and tumbling.  I appreciate your business.



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